Saturday, April 27, 2013

View from the sky

An areial shot was taken by a consultant when in a helicopter over New Town. Here is a link to the uploaded video:
* * *
I visited Smritiban today after a while and was impressed by the progress made. I remember that last year, while talking of parks, the Forest Department gave a proposal in Writers' Buildings that a Smritiban may be developed by them where in a park various dignitaries visiting Kolkata can plant a tree. Later, these trees could be have the names of the VIPs who planted these. In fact I'd seen such a plantation in a Coal India mine in Jharkhand years ago.

Here is a photo taken this afternoon:


  1. A fantastic aerial view of the finance hub stretch. I guess this was being carried out by the consultant for building the iconic building in Finance Hub.

    Great to see a lot of road construction in that area. Thanks a lot for the great work Sir.

    1. Lets hope that the financial institutions start building jazzy skyscrapers in this stretch now.

  2. Infosys (I worked there once upon a time) has a 'Smritiban' equivalent in its Bangalore campus. It contains trees planted by Presidents, Prime ministers and business heads from all over the world ranging from Fortune 100 companies to Indian honchos.
    This does create a very good impression.

    I think it is a good idea... keep it up. And if possible, try to plant exotic trees - that would make it more beautiful.

  3. It's really a noble effort. We need more greens to save our planet Earth. Can we think of some patronage from the Big Private Corporate Houses in this noble effort? Urban Development Department may adopt policies similar to Health Department where patronage from Pharma companies are allowed. Saving mother Earth for all is a collective responsibility and as such we may stand together.