Friday, May 3, 2013

Baisakhi Grows !

Eight months ago, I'd visited the site of Baisakhi Housing Estate where two towers were being built. The photo taken during that visit is available in this blog's post dated 15th Aug 12 (search it). The additional towers are now fully tall. Internal works are going on. Here is a photo taken during my visit today:
Four additional towers now under construction at Baisakhi
* * *
The bronze statue was installed today at Rabindra Tirtha. It is more than 2 tons in weight and quite some engineering feats were required to put it in the middle of the water body. A powerful crane with a long boom was brought and a gangway built for technicians to go to the pedestal. Here is a picture after the installation:
The man in white shirt on the pedestal is me !
[ So guess the height of the statue:) ]


  1. Sir, a commendable venture. I guess, the height - "Sky High" for the great Visya Kabi, wherever installed. Proper colourful illumination is needed so that the bronze statue of Kabi Guru appears more attractive to us.

  2. Sir, a small request. Let the unique bronze statue of Kabi Guru be inaugurated by Hon'ble President of India or Dr. Amartya Sen.

    Sir, the height of bronze statue of Kabi Guru, I guess, not less than 5 meters.