Saturday, May 18, 2013

Village Development

Under its neighbourhood development programme, Hidco has been doing village improvement works in adjacent rural belts of New Town. I visited a concrete road recently commissioned. A photo:

2 Km Concrete Road in Patharghata GP area
I again visited the main drainage pumping station at Jatragachi. It has progressed substantially since my last visit. A photo near Bagjola Canal:

There is a recently installed bus stop sign for Eco Park:


  1. Gram Panchayats should be part of NKDA for an inclusive town development else it will be only clustered development of the newtown and GP will live in different world. NKDA can preserve the GP area as heritage location to protect it from builder lobby and locals can live in their ancestral place but matching with other developed area of new town.

    Also we need to have mutiple entry and exit points for the new town. Currently MAR is the only way to reach Newtown from other parts of Kolkata. This will be a bottleneck in future.

  2. Its really heartening to see concrete roads. This is way better than the red morrum roads which used to get washed away after every monsoon.
    Keep up the great work Sir.

    Eagerly waiting for some news related to finance hub ( new investments, road shows, any new and unique value proposition for investors etc)

    1. Yes, concrete roads are much more durable

  3. Sir, The Bhojerhat- Rajarhat Road needs to be improved. It will serve as the third main exit route from New Town. Though PWD has done and excellent job in fixing the road, the same carries traffic beyond its capacity. PWD wants to expand the road to 10 meters from the current 5.5 meters. The land needed is already Govt. land but taken under WB Land (Requisition and Acquisition) Act II. So, some of the known issues of land acquisition / requisition under this act also apply to here also. I am sure that the payment issues and resistance (encroachment) can be settled once the locals see the interest from HIDCO to develop their area under the Neighbourhood Development Program. I am sure they would get convinced - the economic benefits that would flow should pacify their demands.

    1. Very very good point made Tanveer. Perhaps Govt will not want to disturb the local sentiment before Panchayet Elections.

      However we should have a proper plan so that immediately after Panchayet elections and monsoon, we should start widening the road. The road links 2 IT hubs of Rajarhat and Bantala. In any city in the world , can we imagine having 2 IT hubs getting linked by a 16-17 feet wide road?

      This is really a burning issue and HIDCO should sync up with PWD and push them hard to get this done. Sir, your intervention is needed.

      Already no investments are happening in manufacturing. 2 IT companies could not set up SEZs . Finance hub is still mostly on paper. Neither are we offering any unique value propositions that would compel companies to come to Bengal or Kolkata in particular. At least in infrastructure development, we should leave no stone unturned. HIDCO is already doing an amazing work.

      Now Sir we need your intervention in coordination with other areas like PWD (Bhojerhaat-Rajarhat Road or VIP Road), Kolkata Port Trust (Strand Road and Riverfront Beasutification), KMDA (for JNNURM projects) etc

  4. Sir,
    Please refer to this Map below, there is an urgent need of bridge which must connect the road between Adarshapally( Jatragachi) and Newtown, the bagjola canal is passing in between the road and there are several High rise ( HIG) APARTMENTS has come up, sunrise green and ps ixoria and everyone wants to request you to please plan for the bridge which is very important, without the bridge its very difficult for us to access the connects. please consider and let me know if you have any future plans for this

  5. Sir,
    Opposite to 5start hotel (West In ) in Jatragachi, there is a muddy road going inside. Just wanted to know if there is any plan to widen and make it pitch road/concrete road ? Your response will help us to know the future prospect of this area/village !!