Monday, May 27, 2013

Team Najrul Tirtha

In the evening today, we had a crash brain storming session on how to get moving on the Nazrul Tirtha Project very quickly. Tomorrow there will be a site inspection. By Tuesday next, we hope to come up to a fair degree of preparedness. A photo at Hidco Bhavan this afternoon:
Team Najrul Tirtha: (L-R)
Salil, PPDatta, Kalyan Roy, me
Gopal Ghosh, Supriyo Das, Sutanu Kar, Ananda Ganguly,
P. Bhattacharya, Abin Chowdhury
* * *
In the morning, I was ina seminar organised by Indian Chamber of Commerce. I spoke briefly of the efforts made by us in trying to bring about densification of cities and of the possibility of posing Raghunathpur Planning Authority as a probable National Investment and Manufacturing Zone:
Seminar at Taj Bengal
Here is a clipping from next day's Times of India:


  1. Sir,
    Few days back I wrote on your blog (Gangasagar Development Authority). You asked some specific points from my point of view. I tried to send you a pdf file through your gmail a/c, regarding Gangasagar, hope you have got it.

    If not received, please tell me how can I send it to you?

  2. Sir,

    There are several AC bus services from unitech/narkel bagan towards the southern suburb of the city.But there is no AC bus starting from unitech/narkel bagan towards northern suburbs like Barasat or Bally.The buses which go to Barasat or Bally comes from some other places and remains fully packed when it reaches to narkel bagan.It becomes very difficult to get into those buses from narkel bagan bus stop and so people who wants comfortable journey are heavily dependent on shuttle services which are again very unpredictable,never stops at a specified place and people start rushing behind those shuttles.As it's a very busy connector with cars moving at a high speed any day some accidents may take place even.

    Request you to start some AC bus service from unitech/narkel bagan towards northern suburbs like Barasat and Bally at a gap of 30 minutes.

    1. Good point Suparno. Barasat-Madhyamgram belt as well as bally-uttarpara-sreerampore stretch is the home of thousands of people working in Sector 5 / New Town. Connectivity to those areas is also important.

  3. If Raghunathpur Planning Authority can be properly developed and marketed as a probable National Investment and Manufacturing Zone, then that will perhaps be the best thing that can happen to Bengal in decades as far as job generation is concerned.

    It may sound caustic...but I sincerely hope that Raghunathpur Planning Authority does not suffer due to lack of state funds like JNNURM projects. Huge money will be required to develop the basic infrastructure in that area.