Sunday, May 5, 2013

VTC Building

The VTC building is nearing completion. Located in AA-III, it is being built on a  2.5 acre plot. A very large building of about 2.75 lakh sqaure feet and a 1,000 seater auditorium on the 5th floor, I inspected the progress with engineers recently. I was assured that the building could be commissioned by next month. Here is a picture:

* * *
Today's papers contain the announcement that the Shyamal Sen Commission will begin receiving complaints at Finance Centre, New Town from Monday onwards for the South Bengal districts. There was a full inspection and co-ordination meeting today morning by Home Secretary, Finance Secretary, District Magistrate, Addl CP, IG(R), WTL, Hidco Engineers, myself and others. Here is a photo in the conference room of Finance Centre this morning:
At Head of table, L-R:
HKDwivedi, Pr Secy Finance, BBanerji, Addl CS(Home), me
  * * *
Here is a press clipping that appeared yesterday:


  1. VTC, Baisakhi as well as food courts.... all 3 are great examples of your leadership and execution capabilities.

    Wish you all the success for riverfront beautification and finance hub project as well.

  2. impressive...but have we thought anything of the pavements in the front of the building covered with makeshift 'cha' front of Unitech building plots have been made on the footpaths, most probably for letting out.

    1. Thanks Suman for pointing this out. With huge and innovative efforts coming up, we should definitely stop new hawkers from setting up stalls.

    2. We all know the hawker problem is a huge menace in Kolkata mainly due to lack of industries and no jobs. Not only the hawkers, even the mushrooming of autos. Now we hear of even less jobs and new industries. I think only robust entrepreneurship and growth of industries will help us control the hawker problem in the long run, till then this is going to continue.

      In the short run, hawker problem will continue as long as there is political patronage and police inaction and police inaction is mainly due to political interference.

  3. Sir, can we start marketing finance hub with renewed vigour? No news came up for fresh allotment of plots as well as organizing road-shows.

    Thousands of guys are still moving out of state for job opportunities every year with no news of new companies planning to open office in Kolkata. Finance hub seems to be the last hope of generating some jobs. Can we expect a high-decibel marketing effort all around the globe?