Saturday, May 25, 2013

NKDA Board Meet

At NKDA Board meeting today, we decided to make it compulsory for big buildings to install solar rooftop systems to meet 1.5% - 2% of their electrical load requirement. All upcoming large commercial / business establishments, schools, colleges, hospitals, large housing societies and govt establishments will have to meet this requirement. NKDA will ensure this in New Town while sanctioning building plans. Necessary amendment in Building Rules of NKDA will be made shortly.
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I went to Nazrul Mancha today afternoon. Here is a picture on my Sonyh55:
In her speech, CM said that Nazrul Tirtha
should be completed in 12 months
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Here is a clipping from the Telegraph of few days ago:
The headline is not quite a fact though !
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A clipping from Anandabazar dt 26th May 2013


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    1. Sir, making rooftop solar systems mandatory in New Town is a very welcome move. I hope this initiative is extended to rest of the city as well other cities in the state. Also, it is my earnest appeal to you to look into making the same rule applicable for rainwater harvesting in the city as well as all over the state. Thank you.

    2. Ayan, you stole my words. Rooftop Solar installation is a very nice and smart move. Entire state or CMDA is not under HIDCO jurisdiction. So MR. Sen may not be able to do much about it other than suggesting the respective authorities.

      Property Tax rebate will encourage the residential buildings to opt for solar panels.

      However I was surprised that NKDA did not take a similar move for rain water harvesting though all across India, cities are taking that step for new buildings.

  2. May be HIDCO can get engaged with BESU / SINP /IISER or any centre of excellence in Engg / Physics / Material Science and can fund some interdisciplinary PhDs to increase the productivity of the solar panels.

    What I meant was how can we design such panels which will generate a larger amount of electricity with same surface area? How can we get panels which will generate say 30-40% of electricity required by the buildings instead of 1.5-2 %?

    These type of baby steps can help WB to carve out a niche for itself in the area of solar technology research which is currently happening in very selective places like California.

  3. I think bio-gas plants can also be setup in the big projects. Many big building projects (mostly the residential ones) have lot of open spaces where gardens are made. A bio-gas plant there will help in three ways i.e. create less garbage, will produce energy and also create manure.