Monday, May 6, 2013

Jnnurm Buses

Just attended a day-long workshop in Delhi. Writing this from Delhi Airport. The workshop was a stakeholders' meeting convened by MoUD. Buses, depots, terminals, control centers etc would be assisted under Jnnurm. Not only the mission cities of Kolkata and Asansol, but also smaller towns will be eligible if covered by a Planning Area under the Town and Country Planning Act. I requested Secretary GoI to give models of modern bus depots so that while passengers can get airport-like ambiance, there can be commercial establishments on upper floors. I recalled the awe that I experienced on seeing the renovation of Kings' Cross railway in London when I'd been there with minister Hakim last year. Secretary Sudhir Krishna referred me to the pilot projects being executed in Karnataka. Mr Alapan Bandyopadhyay gave a formal presentation on behalf of Transport Department and explained the preparedness of the state in making DPRs. I suggested that New Town / Hidco may be included in the DPR.


  1. Sir, its a great move and an excellent proposition. Hope, the dream will come true under your leadership; especially, implementation of such a project in small towns in West Bengal with facilities of modern bus depots where passengers can get airport-like ambiance. Further, inclusion of commercial establishments on upper floors of such depots will earn good revenue as well.

  2. Seen in local (Pune) TOI today:
    Make buses safer, more comfortable: Centre
    Bus Specifications To 61 Civic Bodies Suggested

  3. Kings Cross / St Pancras is a multibillion pound development with international services with Eurostar to Paris and mainland Europe. It is wonderfully conceptualised and has changed from an old dinghy station to one better than an airport. The thing to note is how the different mass transport systems - mainline trains, underground (5 lines) and buses interchange in a seamless fashion.

    Our model could be smaller stations like Liverpool Street, for smaller cities, which, even 17 years ago, had the things that you describe.

    I was just using a really old station in East End of London this week - Whitechapel. It fascinates me to see that even 50- 100 years ago how they thought of integrating two underground lines with the London Overground and how they are planning to integrate again with the upcoming 2.1 billion pound transLondon Crossrail scheme.

    They realise that for London to remain a financial behemoth, these continuing investments and improvements are necessary