Thursday, May 16, 2013

Japan, German and British Meets

Yesterday I had meetings with (1) a delegation from JICA (2) a representative from Indo German Chamber of Commerce (3) Senior Trade & Investment Advisor from UKTI.
With JICA, we reviewed the progress of the Solid Waste Management Project now being implemented in Hoogly. We also talked of three big infrastructure projects.
With German Chamber, we talked of a vertical exhibition centre project.
With Rishikesh Chanda of UKTI, we talked of the impending UK delegation in 3rd June.

Two photos:
Ms Yui Nakamura, Mr Kazuyoshi Ohnuma, me & Mr Sarin

Mr Jan Thorsten Kotschau & me


  1. With E-W Metro going to Ministry of Urban Affairs and JICA being the main financier, I sincerely wish you the success of this project inspite of the political hurdles.

    Sir, is this the same UK Delegation that was supposed to happen after London visit by you and minister Firhad Hakim? Great...that its happening finally.

    It will be really great if we can think of fast tracking the JNNURM projects like the Kalyani Expressway, BRTS and Dhapa water treatment plant and its pipelines...

  2. Sir,

    I am really fortunate as I was associated with JICA (erstwhile JBIC/OECF) for the implementation of Bakreswar Thermal Power Project Units 1 - 5 (5x210 MW) during 1994 - 2009. JICA (erstwhile JBIC/OECF) had extended un-tied ODA soft loans to WBPDCL amounting to 81.416 bY (1994 - 1999) for Units 1,2 & 3 followed by 36.771 bY (2003) for Units 4 & 5. I had an excellent opportunity & experience to work with Mr. Sarin, Mr. Mohalkar & Ms Tanikawa of JICA (erstwhile JBIC/OECF). I will never forget their sincere help & cooperation during the execution of both the Projects. There was a special invitation by JBIC and accordingly, I visited JBIC, Tokyo Office for attending a global workshop on ODA Loan in 2006. It was a silver lining in my profile.

  3. The vertical exhibition centre sounds very interesting. Are any details available?

    1. I'll post more details once they are worked out