Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Bamboo Garden

The Bamboo Garden was completed today in Eco Park. I visited it in the afternoon. Here is a photo:

It is built in an area of 16,000 sq metres. There are 13 species of bamboo that have been planted. These range from native varieties such as 'Makla Bans', 'Kanta Bans' etc to exotic varieties such as Black Bamboo and Japonica. The water body has an area of 2,340 sq metres. There is an interpretation centre, a viewing deck and a wooden pagoda. The Forest Department has executed it as a deposit work.
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Here is a clipping from today's Khabar 365:

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  1. The finishing of the bamboo garden does not look as impressive as other areas of Eco-Park - not many trees in sight and is that debris on the canal bank or some construction is pending there (like a ghat or something).

    The initiative to install LED lighting is great - maybe as a next step they can be powered by solar trees that are supposed to come up in Eco-park ?