Monday, December 30, 2013

ITC Infotech Takes Land in Action Area III

ITC Infotech has just paid in full for the land allotted to it in Action Area . As per a cabinet decision, a 16 acre plot was allotted to it few months ago. Now they have paid the land premium as was assured by them earlier that they'd pay by December 13. At their cost, Hidco has already constructed a barbed wire fencing around its plot. A photo:
Land of ITC Infotech: Fencing work completed by Hidco
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Here are few clippings:
Anandabazar dt 30 Dec 2013

Anandabazar dt 30 Dec 2013


  1. Sir, Very good new to close the year 2013. Hope building construction starts very soon and we see another IT campus in another 2 years. This will bring more jobs to youths and improve the Kolkata presence in IT sector. Kolkata has everything to become one of the Top 3 destination in India for IT Sector, if additional benifits are provided to IT/Finance companies if they employ more then 5K/10K/20K employee in its Kolkata campus. This will be a huge boost to growth of the state and bring in other service/hospitality industry to the state.