Saturday, December 7, 2013

Urban Sprawl

I attended this morning at Rabindra Tirtha the National Synposium on "Managing Lands in Urban Fringes: Controlling Urban Sprawls". I spoke a little on adopting a creative attitude in urban planning so that real improvements in urbanisation could take place. I argued that the developer must be persuaded in terms of investment returns and policy makers in terms of job creation / growth economics. A written message read out in the inaugural session said that a venerated planner from Ahmedabad rued that urban land ceiling had been repealed in India and that this was causing more promoter-driven unplanned constructions. I was happy to state that in West Bengal, the ULC Act had not been abolished.
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The Butterfly Garden in Eco Park is nearly complete. I made a few suggestions in course of my onspection today. A photo:
Butterfly Garden: Net being fixed
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Here is a clipping from yesterday's Salt Lake Telegraph:

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And here is a clipping from Ekdin:

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