Friday, December 6, 2013

Intake Jetty for 100 mgd

Today I visited the site of the intake jetty on river Hoogly at Debendrabala Ghat. Already nine piles have been driven. Local Councillor, who was also there, mentioned that people in the locality were complaining that they could not sleep at night because of the sound: an unintended compliment, perhaps, because it showed that work was continuing into the night too, but we nevertheless advised engineers to see if some muffling arrangements could be done.
Saurav Das, Principal Secretary PHED, Engineer in Chief PHE, Executive Director Hidco, Chief Engineer PHE, Chief Engineer Hidco, Vice President Simplex and others were present and we reviewed progress and constraints in details, metre by metre. We were told that 2205m of pipeline had already been laid. Two photos taken this morning on my camera:
Not an oil derrick!
Water Intake Jetty for 100mgd on River Hoogly

Field review:
Present: Councillor, me, Saurav Das IAS and others
* * *
Ms Sonali Sinha, CEO, Dignity Foundation came in from Mumbai for some work and met me today. We discussed about the retirement mela that would be held in New Town early next year. I told her of our ongoing project of setting up a Seniors' Park.
We also talked of forming an advisory committee to brainstorm how a retirement village for the Age-Challenged citizens could be set up in New Town Kolkata.
* * *
With Joint Secretary UD Indrani Saha, Chief Town Planner S Thakurtha, CEO NKDA Gopal Ghosh, EE  NKDA Abin De and others, I visited day before yesterday the Regional Remote Sensing Centre of ISRO at New Town. We had a detailed discussion with Dr D Dutta, General Manager about our projects of having a GIS for New Town and a Master Land Use Plan for the coastal belt from New Digha to Bakkhali/ Henry's Island. They readily agreed to help us and we decided that Anumitha Mohanty ATP (UD) and Pritam SM(NKDA) would be the Relationship Officers for the two projects.
* * *
Yesterday, I visited Baruipur Township project of KMDA with Surinder Gupta CEO KMDA. Work in the 500 acre township project had started. A JnNURM flyover project would allow traffic to take a new Baruipur by pass road and it would bring the township location closer to Kolkata. We planned a few projects and reported to Chief Secretary Sanjay Mitra and, through him to Minister Firhad Hakim and Chief Minster Mamata Banerjee at Nabanna. A photo:
Baruipur Township Project of KMDA: 5 Dec 2013
 ** *
Here is a clipping from Ekdin:


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  2. Dear sir,

    Baruipur is very promising region. If properly planned it can be twice bigger than New town and a home of 20 lacs people in 2040.
    I have an elementary plan please have a look at it


  3. @Subhashish Rana,
    Kindly go through the existing master plan/ land use plan and structure plan of Baruipur, I personally can assure you it is indeed sensitive to future issues. The one you have proposed is very scattered and lacks cohesion.

    1. In next 20-30 year 2-3 crore new people will come to live in urban areas in west Bengal. so we have to prepared for this. means only planned urbanization is needed otherwise everything going to be a mess. and Baruipur is a promising regions in this respect to construct a satellite township after New-town.

      I have included present master plan. Actually it is not scattered. I only mention some regions such as 1.City center(commercial), 2. CBD (Office space) 3. Govt. offices (As it is going to be district head quarter ), 4. green zone (parks/ play grounds like maidan) 5. educational regions (new University, 2-3 colleges, research centers).
      Rest gap is filled by residential zone, which is not shown in the elementary map. I have made only Expressway, main roads, metro route and mention some zones depending on its locations. So it an integrated map not scattered.

      Now as it takes time to build a city of population 20-25 lacs it can be build in phases of 10 year each. and land acquisition also can be done in 2-3 phases. But at first, the conversion of land in the whole planned region should be stopped to resist unplanned development.

    2. The pvt townships that are coming up near Baruipur Township Project of KMDA (mostly plotted development projects) are not even going for land conversion and building townships of 10-15 acres with 20 feet and 30 feet wide roads.

      I request you Sir to create a set of regulations for these pvt township projects in coordination with Land Reforms Dept, KMDA as well as South 24 parganas district administration for plotted township projects both around New Town and Baruipur.