Thursday, December 26, 2013

Record turn-out

Yesterday, on Christmas Day, there was a record turn-out of 24,796 official visitors. This is the highest in a single day ever since Eco Park was opened. Today, we held an emergency meeting trying to figure out what to do for the remaining high-turnout days of 29th Dec (Sunday), 31st Dec2013, 1st Jan 2014 etc. We decided:
1. To increase the number of ticketing booths
2. To deploy additional security staff
3. To install a Public Address System
4. To construct additional toilets esp for ladies
5. To entrust NKDA to collect parking fees from cars parked on public roads, outside car parks
6. To request transport department to arrange for more buses to cater to visitors returning home
7. To have a site-in-charge officer at site to whom Manager would report
8. To sensitise securitymen that people mustn't litter, that they should keep wastes in their bags till final disposal
9. To keep first aid boxes at each gate

Here are a few photos:
Crowd on Road No.2 on 25th Dec 2013 at Eco Park

Queue outside Gate 3: Christmas 2013 Eco Park

New Gate to Butterfly Garden
* * *
Here is a clipping from today's Anandabazar:

And here is a clipping from Ajker Kalam, published few days ago:


  1. Today is the big day. Salute to you and your team for the extraordinary hard work done with effective project management for time bound completion of so many projects at Prakriti Tirtha in such a short period time. Will be glued on to the TV for coverage in the afternoon today.,...

  2. It would be nice if both the millenium parks (on both sides of the river) are connected by a rope-way. It will help people to go from one park to another and it will itself be a tourist attraction.

  3. The span / length would demand intermediate pillars. These would impede movement of ships.

  4. Great news sir!!

    But as I already highlighted before, the only concern is the parking lot. For a park of this size and given that almost every other household has a car these days, the parking lot is very small. Already cars are spilling over and parking on the service road both on the side and other opposite side of the ECO-PARK, just across the MAR.

    Why can't we invest some more to build a multilevel underground parking lot like NewMarket. That will help save greenery, as well as can accommodate more number of cars.

  5. Sir,

    Need a separate path for cycles. Its dangerous to see cyclists in between people walking. Also, the paved stones have not been put properly making the golf cart ride bumpy. It will also damage the gold card. It needs a smoother or softer surface.