Monday, December 30, 2013

Hon'ble Chief Minister Mentions Eco Park in Facebook

Here is the screen shot:


  1. ITC Infotech is definitely a very positive news. Hope they start the development work soon.

    Today I visited the new HIDCO website. Looks better than the previous one. Some feedback. We should not have any incomplete section in a newly built website. Some of the links in "ongoing projects" and "Future Projects" does not have any content. I had highlighted the same type of problem to you with the DSDA website which was created when you were at the helm of affairs.

    Secondly the EOI for land and space in the "Financial Hub" has still "last dates" mentioned as 9th october 2013. We should have updated the documents with the new dates and then uploaded in the website. Ideally Finance Hub should have its own website. If we are not doing that , then at least the documents should have proper dates. Otherwise it send wrong message to the investors.

    Also I think, its high time that we should start road shows again to bring new investments in the finance hub.

  2. Sir,

    It has been a pretty long time that we have not got any updates related to West Bengal , Kolkata and New Town from you.

    In midst of the biased and negative news from the media, your updates are like a fresh breeze of air and are the stuffs that we eagerly wait for.

  3. I was away to France for a week. Back again here in the blog !

    1. Welcome Back. We all need a break and I can only imagine the amount of stress that you might feel in midst of such a hectic routine.

      Wish you a great and successful year ahead.