Sunday, August 9, 2015

8 Mobile Apps for New Town

    In a bid to make New Town smarter, we plan to introduce Mobile Apps. We already have Biswa Bangla Wi Fi along the Main Arterial Road (Biswa Bangla Sarani). I believe that more and more people are shifting from the desktop/ laptop/ website era to smartphone-based mobile apps mostly because you are never away from your mobile phone - even on the street or in the traffic jam - and smart phones are becoming affordable by the day.
We therefore have frozen our requirements of an 11-faceted mobile Apps and published an Expression of Interest yesterday. The scope is as follows:
* * *

1.  1.     Address Locator
  Application will allow user to search for any particular location by hint of the address with auto complete functionality,• User will be able to view the driving direction to the searched location. • User will also be to search any utilities (like Hospital, Police Station, Grocery Shop, Bill payment, Malls / shopping Complexes, Movie Theatre, Hotels etc) using the search section.
2.    2.    Ekante Suite
 Ekante suite will be consisting of ‘Ekante Café’ & ‘Ekanta Cottage’. . Application will also have an option to book ‘Ekante Café’ & ‘Ekante Cottage’.

3.       3. Places of Interest in Newtown
-    The objective of ‘Places of Interest’ is to make people aware about the popular locations of Newtown. The list of such locations will appear in the application both in LIST & MAP view, 
-.       Each place of interest will have audio script respectively. It will become accessible, when user will be physically present in that respective location. •
-.       Eco Park section will be briefly described in this section (under ‘Places of Interest’) like Activities, Thematic Areas, Conveniences, Upcoming attractions, Announcements etc. •
4.         4. Events
-.       All the current & upcoming Events of Newtown will be listed into the mobile application. Events will be listed by locations. Any user will be able to search any events by ‘Name’, ‘Nearby Location’. 

5.         5. Digital Library 
                              The idea of Digital library is to facilitate to the user to view the available books of Seniors' Library. However as of now books can be purchased with ‘Cash on Delivery’ option, where post order placement HIDCO official will deliver the books to the user.

6.       6.  Audio Tour 
                         The mobile application will have an option to be the Audio guide of any particular place. This will be accessible to user, only when user will be present in that said location. Each location will have different signage no. plate positioned on every site. Mobile application will ask user to enter to the signage no. from mobi1e.
              7. Transport Schedule Mobile application should be compatible to showcase the bus schedules of Newtwon area only. The details of bus schedule will include of below information. • Route no. of the BUS • Schedule Arrival Time • Schedule Time for Reaching Destination  

             8. Feedback of Citizen Mobile application will allow the user to post their feedbacks & suggest new ideas for betterment of Newtown  area.Th
* * * *
        Here are few clippings:
Khabar 365 dt 8 Aug 2015

Khabar 365 dt 9 Aug 2015

Khabar 365 dt 9 Aug 2015

Ei Samay dy 9 Aug 2015


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  2. Sir this is commendable, that apps are being introduced to navigate and explore New town. This really a good achievement. I have always been a fan of your progressive thinking. However I have a few minor suggestion which i thought of sharing with you -

    Suggestions :
    a) Instead of having 8 different Apps, all the apps for New town may be combined into a single app with many functionalities. Else you find few people using all these apps together.

    b) E governance may also be conducted through apps in new town - ex : birth registration, death registration, payment of state taxes, etc

    c) Citizens suggestion and voices for betterment and improvement of New town may be aggregated through app based services, cleanliness may be maintained through app based reporting of flith by the citizen.

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