Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Meeting with USA's Financial Specialist

I had a meting this afternoon with Ms Jinu Koola, Financial Attache to India, US Department of the Treasury and Ms Disha Dubey, Economic Specialist, US Department of the Treasury. It was Ms Koola's first visit to Kolkata. I told her about New Town, its Financial and Legal Hub, the economic themes of Education, Health and IT. We talked about Smart Cities and tax structure.

A picture:
L-R: Disha Dubey, Jinu Koola,me
25 August 2015
* * *
As scheduled, we had a Skype Meeting with Future Cities Catapult (FCC) of UK. It took place at 1.30 pm today (9 am London time) at my chamber at Hidco Bhavan.. We discussed about the possibility of holding a workshop in late September or early November 2015 at Kolkata to chalk out a road map. We hoped to get some financial assistance from UKTI.  I explained that we could lay emphasis on people centric activities such as senior citizens' mobility.It seems FCC is working on a Smart City plan in Brazil since April this year. She asked about NGOs (Citizen Groups as she called them) in Kolkata who could be involved.

I indicated that Debapriyo Banerjee, CEO NKDA, would be thenodalperson from our side.
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Times of India dt 25 August 2015

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  1. Very positive brand building for New Town, Kolkata and Bengal as a whole. Kudos !!!