Sunday, August 30, 2015

ONGC to do Office Complex in New Town

ONGC was allotted a plot of land in New Town quite some time ago. This is a prime plot on Biswa Banga Sarani frontage. No project construction was happening. Hidco imposed a penalty for late start: 10% of land premim paid for every year of delay beyond 5 years. ONGC took the matter to High Court. On 11 August 2015 Hon'ble Court in WP No 18233 directed Basin Manager, West Bengal Region,ONGC and Chairman WBHIDCO to meet and report. We met.(Mr Murthy, ED ONGC came to the meeting with me). I informed that WBHIDCO had imposed the penalty on all late project implementors so as to discourage speculative hoarding of land. The demand was raised with ONGC too so as not to create discrimination among land owners of New Town. However,ED ONGC assured that a revised building plan would be submitted within 4 months and we agreed to withhold the penalty for 4 months. Hon'ble High Court in its order dt  17 August 2015 took notice of the position and disposed of the matter.

The Hidco Board, in its meeting on 28 August (last Friday) accepted the actions taken. It seems that the building will now start after required sanctions etc are obtained.
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Few clippings:
Ei Samay dt 29 Aug 2015

Khabar 365 dt
 30 Aug 2015

Times of India dt 30 August 2015

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