Monday, August 10, 2015

Integration of KIT with KMDA

The Boards of KIT and KMDA are the same. Both are entities of the UD Department, both are responsible for improvement of Kolkata though the jurisdiction of KMDA is much larger than that of KIT whose area of operation is coterminous with that of KMC. KIT is located in Poddar Court in Central Kolkata while KMDA is in Salt Lake. To optimise performance in delivery of public services and to reduce multiplicity of organisations, today I met CEO KMDA S Gupta, CEO KIT Dr Archana, Secretary KIT Asok Roy and Joint Secretary UD K SenGupta in a formal conference and decided to take his up in three stages : (a) Explore possibility of co-location by making KIT and KMDA share space at Unnayan Bhavan, Salt Lake (b) Seek options for willing employees of KIT to KMDA as per vacancy existing in KMDA (c) Form a one-man Committee to suggest ways and means to achieve actual merger.
The name of the one-member Committee would be decided by MIC (UD) upon his return to Kolkata.

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Here are a few clippings:

Hindustan Times dt 10 August 2015

Ei Samay dt 10 Aug 2015
ToI dt 10 Aug 2015
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Ei Samay dt 10 Aug 2015

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  1. Thanks a lot for taking this vital step of KMDA-KIT Merger. Operations will be streamlined and employee usage will be more rationalised. The merged entity will need your magic touch for making it financially self sufficient like what you have been trying for HIDCO.

    Also New Town App is a real good news. The app should be scalable to such an extent that it can serve requests of at least 2000-3000 users at any time. Also the app should be at available in both Android and iPHONE