Thursday, August 13, 2015

Car Parking Lot Near Tata Medical Centre started

The Tata Medical Centre of New Town is making an extension block in the compound of its own building. The new building will have extra beds as well as operation theatre and laboratories. This has resulted in shortage of car parking space and many have to park their vehicles on the road. To ease the parking problem, NKDA is building a car park adjacent to the Tata Medical Centre. I inspected the site today. A photo taken today morning:
Car Parking being built near Tata Medical Centre
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NKDA is collecting an average of Rs 10,000 per day as car parking fees every day. This is being facilitated by hand held devices where the time of entry, time of exit and fee payable as per prevalent rate is collected. Few photos:

Parking bill

Parking Rate near Axis Mall, New Town

Handheld device

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Few Clippings:

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  1. Parking is one of the highest revenue-earning segment of any modern city. Its really a great thing that NKDA has thought about a multi-level car parking spot. That would augment NKDA's income as well as reduce congestion on the road.

    3 Feedbacks:

    1. Lets have the proposed New Town App also dynamically update about the empty parking spaces in different parking lots of New Town. This can be done with the help of CCTC camera based monitoring. Cisco, I think, has a solution around this. Most smart cities in Western World have this. This reduces time and emission in lookout for parking.

    2. Many a time in NKDA parking lots, the guys in charge of collection collect a smaller parking fee and let go the cab driver without the bills. I have experienced this myself in Sector 5. Similar type of attitude by bus conductors has made our transport PSUs accumulate heavy losses. We should stop this pilferage ASAP.

    3. Commercial buildings should plan and build more underground / basement parking. May be HIDCO can ensure this during building plan sanction time. Tata Medical should have built adequate level of basement parking. They clearly knew how many patients they would get approximately everyday. But still they did not build just to save cost. HIDCO cannot go on to build parking lots of every commercial building in New Town.

    Presidency requesting HIDCO to build the campus in New Town is a trust on your execution capability and the brand HIDCO that you built Sir. Kudos to you.

    1. Allocating more space for parking lots is definitely a good thing, but encroaching / converting roadside spaces for footpath into a parking lot - like in front of Axis mall is not a good idea in my opinion. Pedestrians approaching the mall are forced to work on the narrow road and it causes a lot of congestion. Also, pedestrian lives are put at risk.

  2. Also Sir, it would be great if you share the result of e-auction for land for Medical College Plot? Any investment news will generate some positive vibes.