Monday, August 17, 2015

Workshop on Analytics City at BCCI

Bengal Chamber of Commerce and Industries organised a workshop to spread awareness about the Analytics City at Kalyani. There were valuable comments from many. The plan was discussed in details.
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Here are few clippings:

Ei Samay dt 17 Aug 2015

ToI dt 17 Aug 2015
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  1. Sir the concept is excellent please implement this service as early as possible but please keep the fair reasonable it's an earnest request.

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  3. Sir, kindly consider landscaping as a integral part of the cycle track. For Kolkata's hot humid weather shading will be essential. I have seen very successful cycle sharing schemes in Delhi but those are mostly used during winter and spring.

  4. idea is good sir,but now the condition of roads inside new town is pathetic,big potholes here and there near rotaries,accident prone, pls do something

  5. Sir about the Analytics City, I believe since 50 acres is not much, I request you to kindly consider a simple plot layout where you have wide roads (min. 6 or 8 lanes) and very high FSI so that we can maximise on the built up area in the confined space. A central green and a food court in the lines of cyber hub, Gurgaon can be built as a common managed facility for the whole development as well. Since there will be a percentage of residential development involved, I suggest a min. 200 to 300 key hotel, provisions for serviced apartments, studio apartments, etc. are also taken care of.

  6. Analytics City would require almost same round of Marketing like Finance Hub. We should be having repeated road shows in Bangalore and California as currently these are the hubs of analytics and big data companies.We need to execute with a bit of urgency.

    A roadshow by HIDCO in Bangalore would generate a buzz around the IT world and software R&D industry, which will be extremely beneficial for brand building and positive propaganda.

    Also important are fast completion of Jessore Road widening and Kalyani Expressway widening. This would require quite a bit of funds from the State Finance Minister who is already bogged down by the funding requirements of Park Circus flyover and Vivekananda Road flyover.

    With Chingrihata turning out to be a nightmare during evening office hours, an alternate road to South Kolkata is perhaps the highest priority infrastructure need of New Town . Because of the funding needs, HIDCO can plan to build this as a tolled road through PPP model.

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