Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Dance Ballet on Lake

A new floating jetty was commissioned today afternoon at the Lake of Eco Parl. This is 5m x 8m and is much larger than the existing one. We plan to have floating restaurant serviced by Cafe Ekante her. Meanwhile, we planned to have a special musical and dance festival by Ms Jalsa Chanda and her troupe on 31st December 2015 evening on the floating stage with guests on the island.  A photo of the new jetty on my iPhone:
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I attended a Smart City meet at Durgapur in the morning. Many organisations and functionaries attended. Mayor of Durgapur Municipal Corporation presided. DM Burdwan Saumitra Mohan, Police Commissioner Ajay Nand, CEO ADDA Sumit Gupta, Commisssioner DMC Kasturi Sengupta, Reliance Jio, Airtel, Philips, Bajaj, ICICI, ILFS, NIT, WBPCB, DPL, DVC, DSP, SBSTC, IT Companies and others attended. Many important strides have been taken by Durgapur. A photo:

* * *
Yesterday, I and a large team inspected the sites near New Town where Hoogly water reaches Water Treatment Plant in New Town in the 6 ft wide pipes through 10.5 km. A photo on my iPhone:

Hoogly Water in special canal 1km away
from New Town. Just after the water
escapes the pipe. At Mission Bazar.


Khabar 365 dt 25 Nov 2015

Khabar 365 dt 25 Nov 2015

Ei Samay dt 25 Nov 2015

Calcutta Times dt 25 Nov 2015

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