Saturday, November 14, 2015

Pet Corner Opens in Seniors' Park

The master plan of Seniors' Park had several zones such as community building, vegetable garden, aviary, aquarium, play area and laughing area. One of the zones related to pets: a pet zone was envisaged where members could take pets in, get them treated and entertained. Today, through a PPP venture, an outlet was opened that would provide pet care as well as doctors for the pet. During the launch, a pet owner stressed the importance of creating a space for pets to be set free for a while and also a ground for cremation. Few pet medicine shops also had their stalls. Veterinary doctors were also present. Supriya Bagchi, Chief Engineer, himself a pet lover, indicated that he would help organise dog show competitions. The veterinary doctor said he'd try to hold seminars and surgical operations too at this centre.

Opening of Pets Corner at Seniors' Park: 14 Nov 2015
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Times of India dt 14 Nov 2015

Khabar 365 dt 14 Nov 2015

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