Saturday, November 28, 2015

Eco Park Gets Prize by Govt of India Body

Under the category "Landscape Planning and  Design", Eco Park has been recognised as one of the top two projects of India by Housing and Urban Development Corporation, a Government of India organisation. The award was announced in the website of HUDCO today. The other projects to be awarded in this category are from the state of Gujarat. A screen shot:

  I thank my Planning Team and Engineering Team for making Eco Park among the best in India.
* * *
  The Board of Hidco in its meeting dated 24 Nov 2015 agreed to formally engage IIT Kharagpur as consultant for designing a public cycle sharing scheme. The Letter of Intent was delivered to Dr Debapratim Pandit today and we had an intense discussion too, outlining the boad parameters and time lines. A photo taken today on my iPhone at Hidco Bhavan:

* * *
Yet another road graphic has been done in road near Eco Park. A picture taken this morning:

A Zebra crossing with Zebra stripes
* * *

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