Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Green Mobility

Yesterday, French Planner and Mobility expert M. Jean Grebert held a workshop at Utsari Glass Hall at Eco Park with NKDA, Hidco, UD and Transport Officers. He advocated the cause of ZEV (Zero Emission Vehicle) Mobility Systems as a pivot for sustainability, He talked of an emerging concept of Macauto World Solution for Green Mobility using stacked sharable electric vehicles at strategic locations.

He appreciated the use of e-Rickshaws in New Town. He termed planning of New Town to be "human" unlike some other new towns of India where the citizen is ignored by using extra-wide 100 m roads. He advised that New Town could do well by having satellite transport nodes at airports, railway stations and other nodes of Kolkata so that people can come in quickly.

Me and Jean Grebert, 23 Nov 2015;
(below) A Stacked Electric Car Tower
(as presented by Jean)
* * *
Yet another road graphics was printed on Biswa Bangla Sarani near Owl Statues. The patterns resemble those in a giraffe. A life-sized model of giraffe is a popular draw for children close by in the rain forest in Eco Park,
* * *

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