Friday, November 6, 2015

Second Gate at Jaigaon

The design of the second gate between India and Bhutan at Jaigaon will be done afresh by JDA. The local officers will draw up traditional motifs while experts at Kolkata will develop the model fully.

A New Jaigaon plan will be drawn up by Planning wing of UD Department through consultants HUDCO.

Water supply project based on Torsha River drawn up by PHED will be funded by UD Department. I calculated that its capacity should be about 15 mld.

Visitor Centre and Eco Tourism would be built on the hilltop overlooking Jaigaon plains.

Street Lights would be set up on the streets of Jaigaon.

Solid Waste Management would be intensified through help of a local NGO.

Jaigaon would be converted into a municipality

Minister of Bhutan and Hon'ble CM at Jaigaon Development
Authority office on 3 Nov 2015

Hilltop site at Jaigaon:
With CTP, EO JDA, AEO JDA, HUDCO officers on 3 Nov 2015

Chinese VP and Hon'ble CM at Utsari, Eco Park on 5 Nov 2015
Hidco Stall at Realty Fair at Milan Mela Ground: 6-8 Nov 2015

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Salt Lake Telegraph dt 6 Nov 2015

Salt Lake Telegraph 6 Nov 2015
The Statesman dt 4 Nov 2015
Times of India dt 1 Nov 2015

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