Saturday, November 5, 2016

100 Residential Plots for Citizens

I held a follow up meeting yesterday with GM(Marketing) Hidco Krittibas Naik and others regarding the matter of operationalisation of the Cabinet Decision to allot 100 residential plots of sizes 2.5-5.0 kottahs in Action Area IIB (somewhat close to the Owl More, opposit Eco Park) through transparent means such as lottery and e-auction. There will be no Chairman's Quota or Special Quota.

We decided to target first week of December 2016 as the date of launching the scheme and the proposed last date of application would be in end January 2017. The application process would be, for the first time, done entirely online.  This will prevent the time, effort and error in transcribing from a paper form. We plan to talk to our software team to devise a simple method of filling up an online application form, use net banking for application money deposit and upload a pdf brochure for downloading. For those who may have a problem in online forms, a HelpDesk will be opened where Hidco staff will assist the applicants to fill up the forms online.

Of the 100 plots, those that are slightly larger and close to wider roads will be allotted through e-auction. There are 25 such e-auction plots. These are in HIG category. The starting price will be intimated in the e-auction opening web page. One plot will be e-auctioned in one day ; thus 25 e-auction days (barring off days and holidays) will be required for this.

Remaining 75 plots will be allotted through lottery. Some are meant for MIG, some for HIG. Some plots are for individuals while others will be for co-operatives. All plots will be on lease for 99 years.

We have started designing the brochures and will finalise the software issues in course of next week. We also plan to put up 100 signboards on the plots so that site identification is easy for applicants.
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