Sunday, November 6, 2016

More Water Kiosks in New Town

Water Kiosk in Car Parking Zone near Tata Medical

Few weeks ago, Hidco installed Water ATM in Eco Park near Gate 2. This has proved to be very popular and hundreds of visitors take drinking water (chilled or normal) through a coin operated system. The technology used is German and daily computerised reports on performance are generated that engineers monitor to ensure quality and purity.

M/s Rupa had proposed few months ago that they would install and operate water kiosks if a site, water source and power connection is provided. Three such kiosks were put into operation last Friday: one at the fee parking area near Tata Medical Centre (photo above), one near Balaka Abasan and one near a market in Action Area 1. All three would generate cold water, duly purified in a standard aqua-guard machine and chilled through a standard machine. Input water is from pure treated Hoogly Water (I cannot resist stating that residents  are very very happy at the quality of water in New Town after the commissioning of the 100mgd surface water project earlier this year . The water now, they say is soft, iron-free and adequate, unmixed with any ground water. No more white shirts becoming reddish after a couple of washes, they say !). A stainless steel glass will also be attached to the kiosks. What is important is that persons from the Trust will be deputed to do servicing and maintenance very often to ensure that the kiosks run properly.  At the time of inauguration, I requested the MD of Rupa Trust Mr K B Agarwal to put in more such water kiosks in New Town.
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