Friday, November 25, 2016

Snehodiya: Senior Citizen Habitat

The Hidco Board met today and approved the Old Age Habitat project called Snehodiya. (See for earlier post in this blog) The cost implications were analysed and settled as about Rs 25 lakh as security deposit of which 75% of the amount deposited would be refunded to the legal heir of the occupant / applicant on demise / departure. Monthly fee of Rs 16,000 would be payable for all services including food, security, floor-wise attendant etc. 10% discount on single occupancy, all suites being double bedded. Senior Citizens eligible would be 50 years old or more; this is a bit of a deviation from the usual 60 year definition of senior citizens since often a 60+ husband may like to be accompanied by his wife who may not yet be 60.

We decided to open up a helpdesk at Swapna Bhor Community Room (Ground Floor) once the scheme is launched. We plan to involve senior citizen members of Swapna Bhor to man these helpdesks and I have requested Manager Swapna Bhor to seek options from members. 2-6 pm on all days except Monday the help desks manned by seniors would be open to help clarify doubts and sell brochures too, although brochures would be available from banks too.

We will soon have a meeting with bankers to see how they can help applicants. We will also have a networking meet with other senior citizen groups: Dignity Foundation, for example, has already showed an interest in knowing further details.

We plan to launch the scheme in 2016 itself.
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Times of India dt 25 Nov 2016

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