Monday, November 21, 2016

Consultative Meeting with Empanelled Architects and Engineers

At Rabindra Tirtha auditorium this afternoon, we held a consultative meeting with all architects and engineers empanelled with NKDA to increase awareness on adopting better design and construction management processes. Attention was drawn to the recent amendment of NKDA Rules that discourage dumping of construction materials on roads. NKDA has also agreed to give a service for removing construction and demolition waste from a site at a given cost per ton.

It was urged upon the participants that dumping of construction materials and C&D Waste on roads, drains, culverts and sewerage pipes were causing severe problems. New procedures for renting vacant land, site construction in phases, use of RMC/ prefabricated beams, use of empty plots with prior permission, real-time monitoring of trucks while unloading sand/bricks, use of polythene sheets on ground to avoid leakage into drains, indicating the rule on good construction practices etc were some of the suggestions that were adopted during the discussions.
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HT dt 21 Nov 2016

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