Monday, November 14, 2016

1,000 / 500 demonetisation

In facebook, I already posted on 8 Nov Tuesday how I went after dinner to get few Rs 100 notes from Bikash Bhavan ATM after queuing. That was personal to me.

Since then, I mention below few impacts that I've experienced on the office front.
- A self contributed fair was slated to be organised yesterday (Sunday) at New Town Business Club. Members and their families were quite enthusiastic of bringing in home cooked food to sell or handicrafts to be displayed. This had to be called off and postponed because there was a lack of small cash with members.
- Day before yesterday, on Saturday, the footfall in Eco Park (4,936) was low because of lack of cash. After one more day, with ATMs giving some money out, yesterday the footfall rose (10,166). While part of the rise was because of it was a Sunday, feedback suggests that new notes are coming in and there was an issue in judging the new Rs 2,000 notes (counters received 5 such yesterday) because the existing fake-note-detector-machines were not able to detect. Of course, PayTM inputs also rose from 168 on Saturday to 225 on Sunday.
- Day before yesterday, at Cafe Ekante, in the evening, diners' debit / credit cards could not be charged as the swipe POS machines showed "comm error". We insisted on Rs 100 payments.  We even allowed 3-4 diners to pay with old 500/1,000 because the machines didn't work and they didn't have 100 rs notes on them.
- Motorycles have to pay Rs 20 as parking fees in Eco Park. Last Wednesday, 5 bikers were still stranded at 8pm (Park closes at 7.30 pm in Winter) because they only had Rs 500. There was a stalemate and we decided to accept the notes only for these last 5 bikes.
- Officers and staff have been asking for - and we have been allowing - a couple-of-hours' absence to go to banks to change cash.
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