Sunday, November 20, 2016

Smart Water

As if magic ! Water from thin air ! Water fit to drink, pure like bottled water but no water source required.

I saw a demonstration yesterday evening at Nazrul Tirtha garden:

The device, which was of size slightly larger than a typical RO / aquaguard wall mounted water purifier that we often use in offices and home, was laid out at the garden of Nazru Tirtha. Only an electrical plug point was needed. I drank a glass of water: it tasted quite OK.

How can  it produce water without a water input ? See the pic below (I asked them to unscrew and show the machinery inside):

Air is sucked in and cooled to 4 deg C. Water vapour condenses and is collected. It is filtered and stored. A tap in the exterior enables sparkling drinking water to be collected in a glass.

The model shown had a capacity of 15 litres. There are higher capacity ones too, I was told. It works even on low humidity conditions in winter: the sensible practice is to leave it on in the night for the internal reservoir to be filled up.

We have put in a coin operated German Technology Water ATM in Gate 2 of Eco Park. We have collaborated with Rupa Trust to put in three water kiosks in New Town markets / car park. I talked to GM Suman Neogy that we may install this machine (trademarked as Akash Ganga) at Mother's Wax Museum canteen to see how the performance is. Then we can put in few places (Gate 3 Eco Park, Police Outposts, Traffic Signal kiosks, Deer Park, Eco Urban Park etc) in phases.
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Aajkal dt 20 Nov 2016

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