Friday, November 18, 2016

Smart Pole Demonstration in front of New Town Business Cllub

Day before yesterday, a working smart pole was demonstrated by Energesia, an Indo Swedish Company. The pilot pole is installed in front of New Town Business Club's main gate. Anyone can see.
The company representatives showed is the LED street light lamps, the CCTV (I could see the images on a nearby laptop), the air quality monitor (I could see on my mobile when I connected on Wi Fi coming from the pole), the video on the displays, the Wi Fi connectivity to the internet. We were told that the LED lights and displays on kiosks could be remotely controlled.
The pole (12m) is quite taller than the usual street poles (8m). an underground box of size 5ftx4ft is glass covered and water-tight (IP65 compliant, they said, like the new iPhone7)  and contain sophisticated electronics hardware including repeaters and boosters of cell phone signals. At the flick of a button, the glass box rose from the underground using hydraulic motors and stopped at a table-top height where engineers could service the machinery and change settings).
The cost, we were told, would be considerably higher than usual light poles and a PPP model may be worked out in the near future.
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