Monday, November 7, 2016

Call 90511 63800 for Home Delivery for Cafe Ekante

Cafe Ekante started its journey a little more than a year ago (15 May 2016 we celebrated its first birthday). It is on the island of Eco Park and was initially meant basically to cater to the guests in the cottages. It quickly adapted itself to meet the needs of visitors to the Eco Park. The unique proposition was : this is the only restaurant in the country where you get into a boat to have a cup of coffee and delicious Bangla food.  The boat ride of 2 minutes is extraordinarily satisfying and the ride is free. A dedicated jetty with a snack counter was commissioned quickly to keep visitors engaged while waiting for he boat to turn around. While in these few months Cafe Ekante expanded rapidly (Mother's Wax Museum, House Boat & Lawn on island, Two at Nazrul Tirtha, Bus Stand at Action Area 1, Seniors' Park and New Town Business Club), the dependence on Eco Park visitors has not gone away. Thus, the Cafe Ekante remains closed on Mondays since Eco Park also remains closed. (For indoor guests in cottages and special prior bookings, service is available on Mondays).

We have started breakfasts too, but response has been lukewarm.

To think of ways of expanding, we had a discussion last week with Zomato (see ) . We agreed that by introducing home delivery services, we could provide food to homes not only on Mondays but also for lunch / breakfast. Unfortunately, existing service providers like Swiggy don't yet have delivery network in New Town. So we decided to tie up with a new independent New Town based home delivery organisation. It is now operational.

Dial 90511 63800 for home delivery in New Town, Chinar Park, Sector 5 Salt Lake area for fine food from Cafe Ekante.
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