Thursday, September 6, 2012

Anti Dengue Drive in New Town

After the meeting by CM on Tuesday, flexes and handouts were printed and distribution/ display started. Yesterday I held a detailed meeting at NKDA. The following flex was displayed at entrance to NKDA office:
Two separate teams have started spraying anti-mosquito oil and bleaching powde: the schedule is given in NKDA's website. Eight squads out of existing staff / officers have been formed to contact people and generate awareness and get feedback. We have kept contact with Swasthya Bhavan. I spoke to DM North 24-Paraganas and requested him to speak to CMOH to set up a temporary medical camp in New Town : it will be set up on MAR Road in AA-II, near the new showroom for motorbikes. The Ambulance will be kept on alert. A dedicated management group will supervise.
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Here is a clipping from today's Anandabazar:


  1. CMOH has indicated that Medical Camps will be set up on 7th & 14th Sep

  2. Sir,

    I have a candid feedback . Many a times before the 31st July deadline also, I had given this feedback (but that seemed to be of no use) and again I am giving this feedback again today before this 22nd September Bombay RoadShow.

    Just doing the roadshow or just by giving 1/2 rounds of advertisements in Times of India / Economic Times will not bring investments in Kolkata.

    I mentioned this before in a previous post and am mentioning it again here.

    1. : The current presentation by HIDCO is just not up to the mark. We need to revamp it massively and with many more points to attract companies to Rajarhat.

    You can take a look at the GIFT presentation:

    2. Please create a website for the financial hub. For a project as big as this, we just cannot have the HIDCO website as the landing page. You can take a look at the website of financial hub that is being planned in Ahmadabad.

    Can you imagine the investors and the corporate people who will be going back after the road show to look for more information in internet and what will they be getting? Only HIDCO webpage will not serve the purpose.

    3. We need to give some more rounds of advertisements in newspapers like Economic Times / Financial express / Business Standard and in magazines like Forbes / Forbes India / Economist / Time / Dalal Street etc before the Bombay Road show.

    4. Please dont reserve the plots only for companies whose business is more than 500 crores. Many small niche brokerage companies are there in Bombay who operate in rented campus. They might want to shift if we can accommodate them in smaller plot sizes and do not keep the 500 crore limit. These companies are like SMEs in the world of Indian finance.

    5. If Calcutta Stock Exchange is shifting in New Town, this should be made a part of the presentation. This should be a big bang news.

    6. We should highlight on the infrastructure already created in new Town with real time images and videos.

    7.I had wanted to share before as well but you never seemed to be interested about a list of target companies that I had compiled along with some specific details.

    Still I am sharing one of them. his company is expanding aggressively across cities in India and the founders are from Kolkata.

    Company Details:
    Founder Details:

    It will be great if we can invite them in the road show and get them to invest in Kolkata.

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