Tuesday, September 11, 2012

"Tomorrow's City Today"

The Rockefeller Foundation Bellagio Centre is arranging the conference "Tomorrow's City Today: Developing Standards and Policy for Eco-Cities". This is in Bellagio, a small hilly town 55 km away from Milan, Italy. I reached the centre today morning. It is situated in a large compound on the brink of a huge lake where yachts sail. The Swiss Alps can be seen on the horizon. This is in North Italy. I even saw few olive trees with olives already forming:these ripe by November or so.
Many participants - 23 in all - will participate. They are from South Africa, UK, Brazil, Australia, Vietnam, Germany, USA, Philippines, Canada, China etc. From India, other than me, a Scientist from MNRE, GoI is supposed to come but I haven't met him yet.
I am being reminded of the France days (2003-4).

[Camp: Sfondrata, Bellagio]
Bellagio Lake: from the institute


  1. I can understand the feelings to some extent. Isnt it fascinating to see such cleanliness and maintenance of a small town in a country which is in severe recession for so many years?

    No doubt why Europe attracts so many international tourists every year.

    The questions can be:

    How do they manage to fund basic infrastructure (water supply, sewerage, quality bitumen in the roads and cleanliness) in times when the traditional tax revenue is falling?

    Can we apply any innovative financing model in our country for the companies who do the infrastructure work ( PWD, HIDCO etc) ?

  2. Enjoy your time and hope you and Dr. Tripathi bring back enriched understanding that can be deployed to build sustainable eco-cities here.

  3. Dr Tripathi has no been able to come, I learn here

  4. Not sure if you get time to read Indian newpapers while travelling, but one article on ET today may be of your interest: