Monday, September 3, 2012

First Land Transfer Permission

Left Picture: First residential land transfer in Salt Lake on
payment of fees as per notification of June 2012
Lady on right: lessee; person signing: transferee;
Right Picture: The land / house that was transferred
Today I oversaw granting of permission of the first plot in Salt Lake with permission fee of Rs. 5 lakh per kottah. Both transferee and transferor appeared before me. Joint Secretary Tapan Ganguly and Land Manager Sital Mandal were also present. Later I went to see the plot and took a picture in the AE block. I expect more such cases to happen soon, now that the ice has broken and procedures getting streamlined.
* * *
I'd received some emails from residents of Salt Lake that broadband services through fixed line telephones were being delayed in some quarters. I held a meeting today with service providers (Airtel, Aircel, TTCL, TTS, Vodafone, Reliance, BSNL, Ortel and Manthan ) and NTTIDCO. I had a good insight into the problems faced by the service providers. I appealed to them to adopt the Singapore Model (Infrastructure should precede development) rather than the Gurgaon Model (islands of gated developments without basic infrastructure outside). I also sought proposals for innovative solutions to make New Town a futuristic smart city and explained that we were looking for (i) linked traffic signals (ii) thana linked burglar alarms and (iii) closed circuit TVs at strategic junctions.
Later, I had a separate discussion over a cup of coffee with CGM BSNL and Chairman NTTIDCO at my office room. Here is a picture of the main meeting today:
Meeting with Hidco Conference Room


  1. Nice Update. The first one definitely takes the largest amount of time because there is a lot of uncertainty at that stage. Hope the Govt makes a decent amount of money from the legal land transfers as well as by imposing fine on illegal land transfers.

    With the same momentum, we should go for the administrative integration of Mahishbathan with the Salt Lake municipality. That will also boost the revenue from mutation fees, building plan sanction fees etc.

    Adopting the Singapore model is definitely the way to go as far as infrastructure is concerned. Kudos to you.

  2. Thanks a lot sir....being the first recipient of legal land transfer in salt lake I would like to congratulate the state govt and mr sen in particular for expediting the entire process...I am sure with so many interested parties there in waiting this is just first among many such transfers....

  3. Please...please introduce urban farming at New Town.
    Let's be the first city in South Asia to do this. Let's take this up as a model for the entire region - Self sustaining urban islands. Let us bring back the farms back to the city.
    Let's deploy the land less and the less deprrived and the migrant population into productive acitivites like urban farming. Let's genetrate livelyhood for them and abolish food scarcity for the future. That's what would be a real smart-city!

  4. Still awaiting the draft deed sir....

  5. I met Judicial Secretary yesterday to speed up things. Let's bear with them a few more days.

  6. Dear Sir, Kindly let me know that after this land transfer gazette notification , is a will that is not in the name of natural legal heirs and that has not yet been probated still valid to transfer the land in the name mentioned in the will(not natural legal heir)? Awaiting your reply. Regards.

  7. Govt would not like to get into family disputes, ever. So, unless the will is properly probated, there would always be the risk that the heirs of the original lessee may stake a claim at any time and question govt's decision to allow transfer - even if fees are paid. So the one word answer is: no.

  8. Thank you Sir for your valued opinion,So by a properly probated will the land can be transferred,But who will pay the transfer fee - the heirs of the original lessee or the holder of the probated will? Regards