Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Sculpture Workshop

The Sculpture Workshop at New Kolkata ended yesterday with a great deal of success, hope and optimism. When I visited the workshop area at around 4 o'clock in the afternoon, I was struck by the faces of the participants lit by a sense of satisfaction (-quite an impossibly short time, many told -) and achievement.

 I met Bimal Kundu, who'd designed a reclining lady in fibre glass. He recounted how in the early days of Salt Lake Township the then Irrigation Secretary had remarked that the Government didn't have any funds for statues but as a special favour he could only arrange a bit of raw material. We are thinking of installing one of his works on Tagore in the traffic island near Rabindra Tirtha.

I found Hidco's team of engineers led by Chief Engineers discussing deeply with worried faces. An artist had built such a tall steel sculpture that now a crane needed to be mobilised to put it out of the workshop area into the final location.

 Shyamal Roy introduced me to his wife whom he had invited to show his handiwork. "It is Natore's Banalata Sen", he explained to my query on his creation at the workshop. I took a photo on my blackberry:
Sculpture Workshop Product and Artist

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