Thursday, September 20, 2012

Sculpture Workshop Inaugurated

I'd planned it long back. Had mentioned it in this blog too. It was a feel good mood that swept me yesterday as the Sculpture Workshop actually got moving. Minister Firhad Hakim inaugurated it. Two parks in New Town - named Nazrul Shshu Tirtha & Vivek Shisu Tirtha were also inaugurated by him. Two bus passenger shelter were also inaugurated. Few pictures / clippings:
A Sculpture being carved out at Finance Centre
Workshop, New Town, Kolkata on 19 Sep
Pratidin dt 20 Sep
Sakalbla dt 20 Sep

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  1. Sculpture Workshop and sculpture garden are really nice initiatives. It is indeed heartening to see that you are getting the projects executed with such a passion.

    About sustainable cities, I have feedback:

    1. 10 day old article from Hindu about a successful initiative by Pune Municipality for energy generation from waste.

    I think, if this can be adopted for Rajarhat and Kolkata , that can take care a lot of our solid waste problem.

    2. I think in New Town, we should make it compulsory for any new building coming up to have provision for solar power generation and rainwater harvesting.

    Any update on the tender for bringing water from Ganga? As far as I remember, last date for expressing interest the tender floated by PHE department was 14 th September.