Sunday, September 2, 2012

Street Furniture

I have been thinking of smart street furniture in New Town to give it a clean and futuristic look. Street Furniture means and includes things that you see as you travel on the road - these include footpath railings, bus stops, public toilets, information boards, benches, traffic signal systems, variable message boards, garbage bins and food / magazine kiosks. Consultants UMTC met me last Friday and gave a small presentation that would be part of the overall strategy of public transportation in New Town. Here is a photo from Delhi that was part of this presentation:
Vending Kiosk, Delhi
I have, of course, seen these kiosks in Delhi. I also liked the other street furniture installed recently in Delhi in the wake of the Commonwealth games. Above all, I liked the idea that the system is self-sustaining in the sense that a fleet of trained personnel with dedicated vehicles and machines clean all the street furniture at regular intervals. We will discuss further to see how we can adopt the methodology for New Town.
* * *
Cancelling Parkomat EOI: There have been only two bids for the Expression of Interest for setting up a Parking Plaza in New Town. We are cancelling the tender.


  1. These vending kiosks really look wonderful. It will be great if we can have a census of the hawkers in New Town and Sector 5 and try to move at least a part of them here.

    Also it was great to know that cleaning the street furniture at regular interval is also in the agenda.

    Good that we cancelled Parkomat EOI. In the revised EOI, if we can have multiple levels of parking under ground and use the area above the surface in a much more aesthetic way, that will add to the charm of New Town.

  2. It's all so beautiful. I think you made a great choice and I can't wait to see the full reveal.

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