Friday, September 21, 2012

Mumbai Meet & Urban Museum

I'm going to Mumbai today to meet investors and bankers at Navi Mumbai's BKC about our Financial Hub in Kolkata. Minister F Hakim is also going to address them. I will make a presentation. ILF&S are helping us.
* * *
I had a long discussion with the assigned architect of Hidco who will make the concept for an Urban Museum. In my tour to Italy, I'd asked Arthur Molella, Director, Lemelson Center, Smithsonian Institution, Washington, USA, to suggest ways to take it forward. I'd given an email on return too. Today I got his reply and am thinking about it. I'm sharing it with our architect too.


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  2. Best of luck for tomorrow.
    Thanks for taking up the initiative for bettering the original presentation. Hope we do a blast tomorrow. :-)

    After the Road Show, will request you to put in the web 2 things:
    (1) Enhanced Presentation
    (2) List of companies whom we talked to

  3. There is a story in today's Times of India. Link:

  4. Serious inquiries is a very heartening news indeed. Really good. Please provide update about Today's meeting.

    I think we can remove the 500 crore cap and have a flexible attitude of smaller size plots for multiple "SME" type of companies in the finance sector.

  5. It will be great if we can attract come BPO and KPO firms of the financial industry. All these companies are clustered in Bombay and Pune till now.

  6. About the Urban Museum I would suggest you to consider creating a 'Visionarium' in the lines of Singapore's so that it provides the general citizens to give their suggestions and ideas as to how they would want their city to be..... try knowing about it as could be an excellent citizen's forum...

  7. Sir here is a link to the above mentioned Visionarium.

  8. Just saw the link.
    Passed it on to our architect to see