Wednesday, September 26, 2012

World Tourism Day : Digha

Just reached Digha this evening. Preparations are going on if full swing for celebrating World Tourism Day at Digha. There are many events planned for tomorrow. This includes a surprise for tourists visiting Digha in the first train into Digha tomorrow morning.
Here is a photo:
Foreshore Road, Digha


  1. Sir, again the old topic....we should market Digha in a big way and advertise about in in different travel magazines around India.

    I have heard about the promotional campaign with ShahRukh Khan.

    Hope the Digha events cause attract good number of tourists. Thanks for taking up the initiative.

  2. A slightly different topic: not for criticizing anybody but you can get a glimpse of the netizen mood about cleanliness and beautification issue.

    1. Bang on Abhishek. Just to corroborate your point on cleanliness, I was amazed to see the goodwork done by the municipality who has installed numerous good looking green bins along the main road of LAKE TOWN. I don't know, why the government didn't have the same impetus in installing bins while installing the trident lamps. Both would have taken the same effort, even less in this case. There is a crying need for bins throughout the city thoroughfares which will give the option to public to use bins.

  3. So what was the surprise for tourists?

  4. A welcoming rose and a bottle of water by school-girls to tourists to Digha in the morning of the Tourism Day