Saturday, September 8, 2012

ILF&S Selected Transaction Advisor for Financial Hub

Yesterday, the tender bids of Financial Hub were opened. ILFS got the bid on the basis of quote, beating other bids. I held a kick-off meeting with them at 8pm yesterday.
* * *
In the meeting by CM on Dengue control yesterday, I requested Health Secretary Sanjay Mitra to set up medical camps in New Town. The one-day camp functioned yesterday; the next camp will be there on 14th Sep.
One-day medical camp in AA-II
Next camp on 14th Sep
* * *
Here in a cutting from the page 1 story in yesterday's Anandabazar:

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  1. Who should and should not be part of Fin Hub....In Bengal the land of philosophy and art and a few masters of science, the word Finance has always been looked down upon the Left. But it is the Finance -commerce that is more tune to job skill and generate more employment and prosperity of the society, if and if ethical enforcements are in place. So, in your govt initiative for fin hub, I would advise for more networking with national Finance instututes like ICAI, ICWAI, ICSI, ICFI and asking its members to begin offices there in New Town, offer them cooperative plots, ask a few national management institutes to open offices,or be sponspor through word of mouth by inviting the prominent professor of these institues on any delebaarion at New Town.In fact the consultants of Finance streams especially the CAs who have a large and influential lobby nationally and internationally, may be of emmence help. And their is competition amongst Fin bodies. If one become active, other follow and since some these members and firms are into management consultancy in a big way...these firms and your interaction and soap offer may act as a Investment multiplier effect.Before going in a self promotion of the Fin Hub, i would suggest that Toursim and beutification and road-bridge infrastructure as being given priority, would suggest a more human face of these efforts through opening a Facebook-Twitter link and one man constantly update the complaints.And for Tourism promotion and booking related query support through FaseBook...Maharashtra has already started.
    These are my opinion only....