Monday, February 4, 2013

ADB for Regional Co-operation

A 3-member delegation led by Mr Hiroaki Yamaguchi, Unit Head, Asian Deveopment Bank, met me today about South Asian Regional Co-operation in North Bengal Region. Siliguri Jalpaiguri Development Authority (SJDA) has already constructed a land custom station at Fulbari. Now ADB wish to build through SJDA another two such trade posts near Jaigaon and Panitanki. They are getting other land custom stations in Bangladesh, Bhutan and Assam. Here is a map that explains it all.
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I took a review meeting with ILFS regarding the Kolkata Eye Project near Millennium Park. It was decided that a joint inspection would take this Friday.
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Here are two clippings from today's papers:
Times of India dt 4th Feb 13
 In the evening, we had a meeting with Chairman Assocham (E.R) at Hidco Bhavan. We explored marketing options that can be pusued for mutual interest. And..
365 Din dt 4 Feb 2013
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Here is a photo from my camera of yesterday's Nritya Alekhya at Rabindra Tirtha:

Rabindra Tirtha: 3 Feb
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  1. Having too much of process is the main problem of Govt projects. That actually causes delay and cost escalation all the time.

    If we have identified the plot for Kolkata Eye, what actually prevents us from starting the project in next 4-5 months?

    Can we quickly get a project approved to get a flyover approved under JNNURM for the entire stretch of Strand Road ?

    Also I was amazed to see that it would take 1 full year to do survey and prepare DPR for monorail. Isnt this too big a time? Also since we all know that at the end of the day, after Panchayet elections , PWD road is going to get widened and Bantala and Rajarhat IT zones are going to get connected. So why dont we plan to do Monorail till Bantala IT park along PWD Road and Bhojerhaat.

  2. Also are we planning to have wide roads for these land custom stations in Jalpaiguri? We cant have 2 lane low quality bitumen roads with chasis breaking potholes embracing the 20 ton trucks.
    The West Bengal Highway Development Corporation is yet to acquire a single acre or develop a single km of land.

    Having Mr James Bear as the advisor for financial hub alone perhaps will not do wonders. After the new govt in 2011, we had enough of standing committees, core committees for IT , industrialization and all other purposes . But did that deliver enough results for attracting investments? I do not think so.

    Can we have a team from London under the supervision of James Bear working full time and operating from Kolkata for the financial hub? That can do some wonders if they are here for 2-3 years , traveling all around the globe from here and attracting investments.

    I may sound totally caustic, I know. But this is a positive criticism from a person who had to migrate out of state for a job and is sick and tired of the ultra slow pace of working of govt machinery in the state.

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  4. Hi Debasish da,
    It is great to know that HIDCO is planning to introduce monorail at Newtown; this will really solve the problem of interconnectivity of different AA.
    In last couple of months we noticed a lot of road work going on at AAIIB which had a 4-5 bulk residential complex. Most of the complexes are nearing completion and some of them started handing over. As the street light started operating and most of the complexes have proper electricity connection, people might start living there in coming 6 months and few are already started.
    But the main problem is the transportation, how people will commute?
    Is HIDCO has any plan to introduce any bus service?
    Also what is the present condition of the MAR N-S which connects the bulk residential plot at AAII B to proposed Finance-hub/Eco-space/ Info-space. As per my understanding MAR N-S will the busiest road once the Finance-hub, Eco-space and TCS SEZ started operating.


  5. Dear Mr. Sen,
    Thank you for your august presence, as well as, posting this photo of my girls of our performance at the wonderful Auditorium of 'Rabindra Tirtha' on February 3, Sunday evening. I would like to take this opportunity to render my earnest gratitude to WBHIDCO for providing us performance scope at this state-of-the-art auditorium equipped with such finest acoustic system and fabulous lighting arrangements .... Hope more and more people should get to know and be made aware of this lovely auditorium amidst the serene ambiance .. settings of such vast, natural openness, water bodies, well maintained gardens, fountains ....

    Warm Regards,
    Debamitra Sengupta

    Odissi Exponent, Director, Kolkata Mayur Lalit Dance Academy

    1. Thank you Ms Sengupta. Urmila and I enjoyed your performance very much. May I congratulate you and your team for the amazing composition.