Thursday, February 14, 2013

New Corporate Email Domain

In Hidco, we were using various email domains. Myself included, many use gmail accounts even for official purposes. Some use yahoo. Some use, and so on. Now we have just got for all the domain Typically, an email id will be:

  For example, my email is

Thus, if you know the name of the manager / officer of Hidco whom you want to contact, just use the formula above. However, it will be a week or two before the system stabilises and everybody switches over to the new system.

Our System Manager (IT) Mr Subhankar Debnath has launched this corporate email system.
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Here is a clipping from yesterday's Anandabazar:


  1. Corporate Email account is a very nice professional step., I hope HIDCO people have proper mail account with good amount of storage space and an email into a hidco domain is **NOT** configured to be redirected to yahoo or gmail account.

    Noticed about the Snow park news in Bengal Post. Was surprised that you did not post this.

  2. Wonderful news Sir ! A step in the right direction !

    All we now need is for the officer to actually read and reply to their own emails. Communication becomes so much faster when this is done. Maybe the list of officers/Managers and their e-mails should be on HIDCO's website ?
    Many employees nowadays also have emails pushed to their smartphones. All designed to deal promptly and effectively with queries/issues.

    Got a very pleasant surprise after seeing the rapid pace of development of Newtown after more than a year. Action Area 1 looks superb with all the sculptures and the Children's Park. You also need to be applauded for the Rabindra Tirtha and also Eco Park, which is shaping up beautifully.

    One suggestion - I think we should start planting more and more trees in Newtown. I had noticed a blanket of haze all over, probably owing to the massive construction activity all around. I remember, many years ago, the Forest Department used to distribute free saplings in Salt Lake. Since all Parks and green areas are earmarked in the Master Plan, why don't we plant trees now, so that residents can have a ready green cover when they move in ?

    One small thing though, the service lane in front of the Eco park was blocked off completely for some inexplicable reasons and the two main gates were closed (I was told that they were only for VIP's) I found it a bit unfair that the aam-admi had to walk such a long way to get in.
    Maybe there should be a special category of ticket with higher price for those willing to pay a bit extra, park and enter near the front gate. This would also be suitable for elderly and wheelchair bound people. If there had been, my elderly father could have seen this beautiful gift to the Kolkata citizens.

    1. Entries are at the two entrance plazas, and this is as per the Master Plan of Eco Park. Both the entrance points are accessible by vehicle, and we had even once got a few buses to park but this didn't get a great response / demand and we had to stop.

  3. One of the major drawbacks of New Town as of now is the lack of quality english medium schools and I am sure HIDCO is working towards that.

    Saw the tender notifications today for medical college, educational institutes and office space. Getting a chance to establish medical college or good school within city limits is a dream for the management of these institutes. I have seen in the cities of the southern part of the country, all the big educational institutes ( including Manipal group) go far far away from the city , not because of money constraints but because of space constraints as they cannot get big chunks of land near the city.

    I strongly feel HIDCO should give a national level advertisement for these plots. Few people in other metroes would be going to HIDCO website or trying to grab Kolkata edition of Times of India.
    They would never come to know of this opportunity. That would be beneficial to HIDCO as well as it would help HIDCO to get a better price for these plots if more number of all-India level institutions apply for the bid.Getting some capital from outside the state is not bad at the end of the day !!!!

    Also if we publish the advertisements for these plots at the all India level, we should do it as early as possible. Though the pvt sector does not have huge administrative delays like Govt sector, still they also need some decent time for decision making.

    1. Exactly.

      In fact there are many people who are getting transferred to Kolkata, especially in the IT sector, and they want to stay in a high end flat very close to their workplace and though you want to suggest Rajarhat to them, apart from infrastructure etc, the othe main question they ask is are there good English medium schools in Rajarhat?

  4. Respected Sir,

    On 18th of Feb I've sent you one email to your corporate Id: with subject 'Road Number 622 in action area II-B'

    Since I've not received any reply not sure whether you have received the mail or not.

    Bidyut Sarkar
    Mobile: 9051788837