Friday, February 15, 2013

Street Directions for Salt Lake

Last Wednesday, I took a meeting with Chief Engineering Advisor (UD), Bidhannagar Municipality, Hidco and Naba Diganta officers to decide how signages can be put up to make Bidhannagar easy to navigate, especially for visitors. Being a planned township with similar-looking roundabouts and block formations, reaching an address is sometimes a problem.
Bidhannagar Municipality representatives said they were already working out something and few proto-types were being put up for evaluation.  CEA(UD) said the plan of Bidhannagar with their office shows the hierarchy of streets such as 1st Avenue, 2nd Avenue etc.and 1st Cross Road, 2nd Cross Road etc. The trouble, it seemed, was that these were not visible at street level.
Nabadiganta and Hidco have started electronic road signages with LED letters that scroll to guide onlookers.    There was a suggestion that street corner concrete road directions (as in Delhi) could also be a possible solution.
After talking to Chairperson Bidhannagar Municipality, we decided that the technical scheme would be suggested by CEA(UD) as per their planning maps and this would be executed on ground by Bidhannagar Municipality.
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Here is a clipping from today's Telegraph:


  1. Yes, it is pretty difficult for an outsider to locate a Flat or Residence in particular at Salt Lake. I stay at Flat B/2, FB 5/2, Sourav Abasan, Sector 3, Salt Lake City, Kolkata 700097. I use to guide my relatives of Howrah and friends of South Kolkata with 4 key location indicators, namely, Tank 13, Purbachal, Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan and Falguni Abasan. There is lot of misleading instances regarding destination Sourav Abasan. Surprisingly, when my guests ask a Taxi Driver to reach Sourav Abasan, he used to land smartly at EE Block Sourav Abasan as if he knows all the tit bits of Salt Lake. Finally he redirects the Taxi to FB Block Sourav Abasan with inflated Taxi meter reading. An easy navigation mechanism is to be formulated by the experts of UD/BNM so that one can locate quickly any Flat/Residence of any Block from 2 vital entry points of Salt Lake, namely, Beliaghata Building More at Sector 3 and Ultadanga/PNB More at Sector 1.

  2. Sir,

    I think we need to revisit the way the road dividers (for roads other than the broadway) in Salt Lake are laid. The openings in the road dividers are kept at a distance from the crossing points. Result is that vehicles invariable take the wrong lane and drive against the traffic to get to the nearest opening in the divider. Accidents could happen anytime. I think this issue really needs to be addressed. Now is a good time since the divider stones are being replaced in Salt Lake.