Sunday, February 10, 2013

Visitor-friendly Activities at Eco Tourism Park

In the Eco Park, we already have shikaras and paddle boats for visitors. I have been receiving requests from few groups that they too would like to organise some activities in Eco Park. There has been a proposal for kayaking, ballooning etc at the water body in Eco Park.
Yesterday, at the Hidco Board meeting, it was decided that such activities would be allowed on a revenue sharing basis. I informed our System Manager to put up a short notice in the Hidco website as follows:

 "Persons interested in organising boating, snorkelling, water sports, ballooning, angling or other such activities on a 49:51 revenue sharing basis may contact Hidco".

Last evening, ILFS/BUIDL organised an open air "Kabi Pranam" at Rabi Aranya of Eco Park. Here is a photo:

Kabi Pranam at Eco Park
[Inset photo courtesy Arijit Sanyal]
* * *
We have started preparing for the monsoons by looking at drainage projects. Last year, monsson rains were relatively less and there was no flooding issue. This year, we are starting to take action in respect of drainage channels. I visited yesterday morning a site where a box culvert is being constructed. This will connect water channels to a link canal in Action Area II. Here is a pic:
Box Culvert in progress
"Will be completed by April"
* * *
Here is a clipping from Ekdin of 7th Feb:


  1. Sir, Out of th context query. There is an iconic tower planned in Financial Hub. Do we have design ready for it and when work is going to be started. We should have it designed from some world renowned architect for tall building and should build it sooner to mark a special attraction in Newtown.

    1. The last date for submission of EOI was 19th November.

      Sir, did we get enough bidders or are we planning to go for a second call?

    2. An expert committee is evaluating the offers

  2. Dear Sir,

    Thanks for all these good initiatives. Although I hope these birds and animals will not be caged. I guess it's always soothing and pleasing to see free birds playing/flying around. We can always help make the area more greener and calmer so that they come in flocks.

  3. A real good thing I noticed is a lot of tenders for road construction has been floated and thats really fantastic. !!!!

    Sir, can you let us know the plan of total road length planned for this year as well as total length of sewerage networks?

    Also I saw you are strengthening road network from EW MAR to Bamunghata in Basanti Highway.

    These 2 tender documents reveal that.

    This can be a great help to South Kolkata residents. How wide are these roads ? If they are narrow village raods ( tender amount made me think so), can HIDCO plan for an elevated stretch by having pillars along these roads from EW MAR to Basanti Highway so that South Kolkata residents can byepass the Chingrihata and Science City crossing and take Chogbhaga road to directly reach Kalikapur.

    Also this will be of help to the IT companies in Bantala IT Park.

  4. 49:51 revenue sharing can be a big dampener. What I feel is lets make is lets make it 70:30 in favour of parties interested in offering service and ask for a big nation wide tender. National level operators doing business in Andaman / Goa may express interest and HIDCO can earn a generous revenue.