Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Nazrul Tirtha Tender Floated

Last Friday, tender notice was floated inviting agencies to bid for the project. The last date of application is 1st March. The link is available at Hdco website at

In this blog itself, I had commented in June 2012 that although the design was then done, it was likely that it would undergo changes. The matter was referred to an expert committee and a completely new design was drawn up after many interactions between the committee and the architect. This took a while. Finally, the design was spectacular but I will not publish it in this blog as I want the surprise to be there! After the design was frozen, the structural details were worked out and the detailed BOQ (Bill of Quantities) - ie how much concrete, how many piles etc) computed. The whole design had to be checked for structural safety by an independent institution. And so we are here. I hope we will be able to award the work within this financial year itself.
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I am presently in Delhi now. We had a detailed discussion on progress of JnNURM projects with MoUD. I informed of my visits to the sites of several projects and was able to tell the ground realities to GoI. I, however, stated firmly that while West Bengal had completed 17 projects and achieved 18 of the 23 reforms, its share of ACA (Additional Central Assistance Fund) - now being deducted @10% along with many other states)  should not be withheld any more.
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Yesterday, a play called "Aral" was staged at Rabindra Tirtha. It was awesome - a very fine 70 minute one-act play done very proficiently. After the show, I went up to the dais and congratulated the director.
Here is a photo:
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Here is a clipping from today's Times of India:

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