Saturday, February 16, 2013

Plot for Medical College

A prime 10 acre plot of land in Action Area II of New Town, Kolkata has been identified where a Medical College and Hospital can be set up. An Expression of Interest has been recently been published in newspapers, it can also be seen in Hidco's website. As per Medical Council of India guidelines, a minimum of 10 acres of land are required for setting up such a Medical College. With the passage of time, it is getting increasingly difficult to get 10 acres of compact land in New Town. So the terms and conditions have been made in tune with MCI guidelines including "who can apply".

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At the Eco Park, Chairman of Bio Diversity Board delivered a talk on Bio Diversity. I learnt many new facts,  explained very lucidly. I learnt of the "charismatic animals" like tiger and lion for whose preservation, he said, crores of rupees are spent while there are so many other endangered species who are vanishing from the world every day.
Here is a pic taken today by me at Eco Park today afternoon::
At Eco Park:
Sutanu Kar, Dr A K Sanyal Chairman Bio Diversity, Dr Abhirup Sarkar


  1. Sir, another suggestion for pedestrian underpasses. I don't know if this is also currently practiced or not.
    The main problem of a pedestrian underpass is that people don't want to climb the stairs. So, instead of creating an underpass low height flyovers can be made. A pedestrian underpass needs around 7 feet height, so instead of making an underpass flyover with 7 feet elevation could be made. Such a low flyover won't need a long ramp and won't also block the view. Another thing that can be done is making the underpass 3-4 feet below the road level and making the flyover just 3-4 feet. Appropriate adjustment could be made for the height of both the parts as required. This way people won't have to climb a lot of stairs, may be only 5-6 steps. The flyover will be more like a culvert. A height of 7 feet is good even for passenger cars.

    1. Man...this will be problematic for big trucks and vehicles with some heights and you cannot restrict them on MAR. Underpass is better but we need to enforce that people should not cross at the ground level by imposing penalty and stuffs like that to increase compliance.

  2. 10 acres of contiguous land in New Town is really a fabulous news. If HIDCO wants to make 100-150 crore from this deal alone, then HIDCO need to spend a few lakhs in advertisement as well and market it really really well.

    Most of the big pvt educational groups are based in South India and we need to publish this advertisement not only in Kolkata edition of national newspapers like Times of India but also in the editions across top 8-9 cities of India. We should target for groups like Amity, Manipal, SRM etc who have deep financial pockets to increase the valuation.

    It would be great if HIDCO also mentions in the Tender Document, the price discovery that happened in New Town for different plots put in auction last year so that the groups who apply has a reference point to quote price for the bid.

    Already HIDCO has huge upcoming expense for infrastructure upgradation in next 1-2 years and we should not miss out this opportunity of medical college land.

  3. An excellent proposal that addresses one of the issues facing New Town residents. However, the plot identified for the medical college-Hospital complex appears to be proximity with the proposed convention centre. One concern though --- hope traffic and security management issues have been factored in.

  4. Sir, this is great idea to have medical college and hospital in New Town. In fact like financial hub, a medical hub has good oppertunity for big investment with world class facilities and developed countries people can be targeted as clients. It can generate good employment oppertunities for medical and hospitality sector. Also it will help to have good medical facilities for the locals.
    Thaliland, Malaysia and Singapore are earning big time from medical tourism(MT). Even Mumbai, Delhi and south Indian cities are also using MT in a smaller scale.