Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Bio-Diversity Interpretation Centre

Today, Dr Asok Kanti Sanyal, Chairman, West Bengal Biodiversity Board had a discussion with me at Hidco. He is an Emeritus Scientist of ZSI. The Board is located at Paribesh Bhavan, Salt Lake. Dr Sanyal explained that as a part of its mandate, the Board would like to set up a Bio Diversity Park or a Biodiversity Interpretation Centre in Eco Park, New Town to generate awareness on the biodiversity of the state with the help of different attractive tools.  I welcomed the proposal and readily agreed to make available a site for this in Eco Park, New Town.

See http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/kolkata/Bio-diversity-interpretation-centre-at-Rajarhat-Eco-Park/articleshow/18371181.cms
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Earlier, I visited the 30 MGD Water Treatment Plant at Dhapa. This is being built by KMC. It is located off EM By Pass: you have to take the right hand road to Dhapa just after crossing ITC Sonar (travelling towards Salt Lake). This is a project under JnNURM. The project cost is Rs 97 crores. 87% of the work is already done and the remaining work was expected to be completed in a few months' time. Here is a photo taken on my Sony h55:
30 MGD WTP at Dhapa
This will bring water to new wards in and around Ruby Hospital
to Garia side


  1. Its an amazing idea to have a Biodiversity Interpretation center in our city. High Conservation value Flora and Fauna needs to be protected in a predator free environment.There should also be breeding and research facility on rare species, besides creating awareness.Parts of this eco-system has to be nicely segregated to that friendly species can happily cohabit.

    In India Delhi Dev Authority has two such Bio Diversity Parks - Yamuna and Aravali Bio diversity park. In this effort it seems they have been sufficiently helped by Centre for Environmental Management of Degraded Ecosystems(CEMDE).

    It would be interesting if you can elaborate a little about the attarctive tools for gereration awareness of Biodiversity, which Dr.Ashok talked about.

    1. We are requesting Dr Asok Sanyal to deliver a talk next Saturday. Let's see if it gets organised.

  2. Its a good thing to see so many projects being done for the city and also for the state.
    Some steel plants are coming up in the Durgapur-Asansol area. The area can become a steel and power hub. Steel plants give employment to huge number of people be it directly or indirectly. As steel plant is a base industry, it helps in the growth of other industries. Cement plants come up nearby as they use the fly ash from the plants and fly ash brick industry also comes up and provide employment to numerous people. Whichever place has abundant steel, power and cement will surely going to attract lots of other industry. So, in the future that area is going to develop very well. But one problem remains i.e. connectivity with port, both through road and rail. Steel plants require high quality coal that is mostly imported from Australia, and also, some products are exported. If this area (along with Ragunathpur area) gets connected to Haldia by a good road and a rail system, then it will be another advantage. Most of the steel plants in India are far away from ports, VSP being the exception. So, this will give the area an added advantage. Also, if this road is built it will also act as a connector for the NH2 and NH6. In the long term it will also be helpful in reducing the load on the existing connector near Dankuni as the existing connector will eventually become a very busy road just like the E.M. bypass is now. The new road will also be beneficial for the Birhsibpur-Uluberia industrial area, as it will provide a direct link for that area to the northern states.
    Thanks for reading

    1. We hope o do an alignment study for a road connecting Durgapur to Raghunathpur next year (ie FY 2013-14)