Monday, February 25, 2013

Sangeet Utsav in New Town

I received a letter today from the Information & Cultural Affairs Departmentthat they'd like to hold Sangeet Mela from 5th to 13th April at Eco Park (Prakriti Tirtha). Earlier, we'd received communication that the Sangeet Mela would be held at Rabindra Tirtha. It is good to know that New Town is integrating itself to Kolkata quite fast. By the way, we are planning to have Basantotsav at Rabindra Tirtha on Dol.
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Here is a clipping that appeared in today's Times of India:


  1. Sir, I had requested about an ad in TOI and ET all across major cities of India.

    This is an article that came out in TOI Kolkata edition . Perhaps an ad has also been published in TOI Kolkata Edition but as I had pointed out before during first round of bidding in financial hub, that carrying out ad in TOI Kolkata edition will not do much good as pan-India investors have no intention to procure TOI kolkata edition or to go and browse HIDCO website every fortnight / month.

    Perhaps HIDCO does not need an all-India ad in case HIDCO has an inclination for the local business houses and HIDCO is pretty sure who all are going to bid.

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    2. Even KMDA (KMW&SA) carried out an all-india ad today (at least I could see in TOI Bangalore) for the trans-municipal water supply scheme for Titagarh and Khardah municipality. This is a project under JNNURM.

    3. Read today about an international competitive bidding tender for personalized rapid transport system in Amritsar.

      Sir, quite a few months back you had given us hope on elevated trams, PRT and monorail in New Town. We got updates only about monorail project ( that too just preparation of DPR will take a year it seems).

      Sir, is HIDCO or UD having any plans for Elevated Trams or PRT in New Town?

    4. Most of the projects in our state will remain on paper. Things are announced but we hear nothing of them later.

  2. May be Arvind is expressing skepticism after the media reports talk about the uncertainty of the ongoing railway projects in state.

    But yes.... we do require some pathbreaking administrative reforms in the follwoing things to speed up execution:

    1. Dramatic reduction of time from Tender floating to issuing of work order.
    2. Having a great web based interface of the standard of any international development organization.
    3. Induction of persons at the middle and senior level ( lateral entry) from pvt sector. That will introduce a lot of dynamism in the govt organizations. Right now, even in a elite body like UPSC cadre jobs, we do not have options for lateral entries.
    4. Have a real updated IT system in the govt organizations. I think HIDCO is taking some positive steps in that directions. But yes...still miles to go...